Here at All In, we understand that managing your health and fitness can be a veritable minefield, the options can be truly overwhelming and the quality of services, questionable! We appreciate that your time is precious, so let us take the pressure off with our exclusive health and fitness concierge service. 

Our partners include the best medical facilities, sports clinics, highly qualified personal trainers and fitness class instructors, allowing you to access a wealth of fitness expertise all through one point of contact. Whether you require diagnostic health screening, one on one training sessions, group exercise participation, or a corporate wellness program that will benefit your company as a whole; All In delivers a solution tailored to you!


All In is a unique health and fitness concierge service. We are here to provide you with the best that the industry has to offer, at your convenience. We will find out what you need, set it up for you, and manage the process from start to finish. 

Creating a Lifestyle,

Not Just a Program

From the athlete, to the 9-5 business professional , to the stay at home parent; we understand that your body type, your goal, work schedule, energy levels and daily commutes are truly individual and may vary from day to day. Where exactly does one even start? Start with All In!  

Integrating Lifestyle

and Nutrition

We believe that nutrition is of paramount importance and should be an integral component of your training program. Your eating habits can really optimize your results and bring you closer to your fitness goals; therefore, we will design a tailored plan that works for you and takes your dietary and cultural needs into consideration.

Corporate Wellness: A Healthy Company Needs Healthy Employees

Our Corporate Wellness initiative is an innovative concept that could greatly benefit your company and employees alike. We understand that healthcare costs of employees can be sizable and health issues have a direct impact on employee morale and ultimately, company productivity.


“Simple and efficient, two words that describes working with “All In” clientele as “All In” has provided me with right client matching; through personality match, goals, time scheduling and utilisation of my professional skill sets..” 

—  Marshall Tan, Coach

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